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Consult A Nutritionist

Nutrition has a big impact on your fitness and health. Check if you or your child are getting all the essential Nutrients in his diet.

Does your child tire easily? Are they growing right? Are they into sports?

Do you have a specific condition (Diabetes/Obesity/ Allergies)? Are you wondering what are the best foods in pregnancy for a healthy baby?

- Book a consultation with our Nutritionists/ Dietitians from the comfort of your home.

You could also visit any of our clinics for a face to face consultation. Our Nutritionists are highly trained and armed with the most sophisticated tools for consultation.

If you are a Nutritionist wanting to work with us or get certified, then following are the requirements for getting certified

  • Educational Qualification: PG Diploma with 2 to 3 years of practice or MSc. (Food science and Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Dietetics, Clinical Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, Diabetes Nutrition etc), PhD (Nutrition)
  • Freshers can also apply
  • Basic knowledge in using technology
  • Very good communication Skills

There would be a training program followed by an exam.